Do what you love

I have painted in all mediums, but watercolour has always been my go-to.

The paintings on this page were painted in Taiwan (the portrait) and Zanzibar (the arch and beach scene below) more than 20 years ago when I started my work-and travel career. I haven’t stopped since.

Why tiny art?

My dad often tinkered in pencil and charcoal. He was a smoker and drew pictures on the back of his Lions matchboxes. I am not sure if that had a subconscious influence on me. What I do know is that there is no space for a large canvas or an easel on our sailboat home and definitely not in my backpack when I go hiking.  Smaller formats are the obvious choice.

The story of my #coffeepaintings

The #coffeepaintings started as a simple exercise;

As a way to paint more regularly, I committed to daily paintings. These mini paintings happened over morning coffees during the first 21 days of lockdown. My goal was to paint something every day in under 5 mins, without overthinking it. The canvas was whatever I had available and the paint was leftover coffee (and sometimes a bit of wine).
These paintings were shared on Facebook and Instagram, and soon inspired others to follow suit. Quickly we were a group painting daily, supporting each other while keeping our sanity and anxiety intact with a simple task. Paint. Paint whatever. Paint freely.

The message was to use what you have and also, to share what you have created in a safe space – no judgement.

We kept up with the commitment for #21days, some even continued long after. 

The auction

Towards the end of lockdown Level 4, a selection of #coffeepaintings from contributors was listed and put up for auction on my www.digitalniche.co.za website. Interested buyers were able to place a bid on their favourite(s). All proceeds went to shortlisted feeding schemes and charities close to our hearts. In addition, 10% of all sales made across the site during the 24 hours auction were donated to these charities. We raised close to R10 000 in 24 hours.


What else?

The “movement” also brought an opportunity and an urge for me to open my website to other artists wanting to showcase their work and sell their art. We have since listed more the 100 pieces of art, ranging from coffeepaintings, Watercolour, Photography, Mixed medium and Acrylic Pouring. We have had buyers from France, England, New Zealand, The Netherlands, The Caribbean, South Africa and Botswana.

I have also been lucky to get commission requests for my work.

My coffeepaintings are scattered all over the world, with one completing an around-the-world yacht race on a sailboat in June 2023. Some of the pieces were also turned in wine labels. 

I have decided to open a dedicated site for my coffeepaintings, which is the one you are on right now 🙂

Thank you for visiting and for everyone that has been part of the journey. Your support is appreciated 


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